Vain Kiddo
munchies for tonight!!! :))) thank you @cammvii & @gabrielliieee !!! Love you guys :)))))
Happy Birthdaaaaay @wilnojaye :) I’m sorry for the photo pero ang cutr kasi natin ditoooo! HAHAHA! Enjooooy :*
Tama na ang pag-selfie sa phone ko please :( LQ na nga yung camera eeh! JK! 

HI BABY :* labyouuuuu <3
Missing the sun ^.^ 

#selfie #sun
The dog days are ALMOST over! :) ft. @effyeahbea HAHAHA :D #throwback #tbt
20 facts about me :3 TAGGED by @wilnojaye & @aryanananana 

1. I’m fabulous
2. I love the color blue :*
3. I’m vain
4. I so love pasta!!!
5. I dance :)
6. DL ako :)) HAHA (yabang)
7. BA Communication Arts student
8. 2nd year student :)
9. Graduated as a Science Student :)
10. Always hungry :)
11. Craving for cake and milk tea
12. Fave song as of today: Anaconda :)
13. I hate bitches hahahaha!
14. I study HARD
15. I PARTY HARDER! :))))
16. I’m 17 yrs. old
17. About to turn 18 :3 
18. I kinda know how to rap Fancy by Iggy 
19. I love GOD
20. I’m amazing :) HAHAHA
grasping for air (c) @slgnzls #bnw #fancy
Who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend?! YOU CAN HAVE A DOG :D #cute #burnham #selfie
My LAZY corpo look! HAHAHA #blue #lazy

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More good vibes here

Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not. Mooji (via ohlovequotes)

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